Start with the first pattern and work your way down to pattern six.

Pattern 1

pattern one gif

Learn this roll first. Practice it over and over. Then use the metronome to build
your accuracy and speed. It will take thousands of repetitions to master this.
Don't give up!

Pattern 2

pattern 2 gif

Pattern 3

pattern 3 gif

Pattern 4

pattern 4 gif

This pattern contains 3 slides. Slide your finger from the 2nd fret to the 3rd fret.

Pattern 5

pattern 5 gif

This pattern starts with a hammer on. Pluck the open 4th string and quickly
put your finger at the 2nd fret.

Pattern 6

pattern 6 gif

This pattern starts with a pull-off. Pluck the 3rd string with your finger on the
2nd fret and quickly let go.