fingerboardTablature (or tab) is written on a five line music staff as shown below. Each string has a number and your index and middle fingers and thumb have a letter. The fingerboard shown on the left displays the fret numbers. A zero on the tablature means on “open” string. A number represents a fret position. (See the lower tab sample.) By starting slowly and sticking with it, you can learn to read the tab fairly quickly, or at least not be frustrated by it.

You should be able to head to the Patterns page and start applying your knowledge of tablature. The first exercise happens to be the tab that is on this page under the picture-diagram. This is an excellent pattern to start on. Start working it with the metronome and see if you can slowly increase your enduarnce and speed every day. Start by finding a metronome speed where you can pick two strings between clicks. Maybe around 60 beats per minute (BPM). You would say "One and two and", and the clicks would fall on the "one" and "two". You would pick a string on every word. It's easier to show someone than to try and explain it here, but I've tried.



tab diagram

The above tab has the left hand doing nothing. All strings are open. This would be a G chord.
The tab below has the left hand playing a C chord position. You would have your left index finger at the first fret second string, your middle finger at the second fret on the fourth string, and ring finger on the second fret first string.

more tab